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Manufacturers of Performance Lines

Powerline Technologies produces  some of the most high performing lines for the global market.  Focused on innovation, performance and durability in servicing multiple market across the globe.  Our clients include the top brands and individuals in the spearfishing, kitesurfing, kayaking, and boating industries.


Lines designed specifically for Kayak manufacturers for use in the manufacturing process.  With everything from Kayak Control Cables, Float Lines all the way up to Seat Lines, Powerline has been supplying this market with innovation and dependability for years.


Supplying the Kitesurfing community with the most durable lines on the market.  Powerline have been a long trusted solution by some of the best Kitesurfers globally.

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Theater Production

Making lines and ropes for the Theater Production industry has been a long term tradition in Powerline Sports.  Whether is a local production houses or large scale productions like the ones seen at Disney World.  We create the lines that are trusted to make the show perfect night after night. 

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Custom Production

Custom OEM spools are available in a multitude of colors, strengths, diameters, coatings, and fiber types.  Whether it is Spectra, Dyneema or our preferred in house fiber, we can create the lines that you need.

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