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Powerline PRO represents years of research and development to engineer the ultimate line specifically for kitesurfing. The unique cored construction utilizes continuous linear strands of very high tenacity Spectra 2000® fiber encased in an extremely tight braided sheath. The resulting line exhibits the ideal characteristics for traction kiting: almost zero stretch means minimal length adjustments and incredible kite “feel” when flying, no sleeving required makes it easy to produce your own custom sets, self-lubrication ensures minimal friction during line wraps, a round cross-section minimizes parasitic wind-drag increasing both the kites forward speed and response to pilot input, a tight external braid reduces dirt abrasion, and a higher modulus (stiffness) than traditional lines almost totals eliminates line tendency to tangle. Proprietary coating technology allows us to produce hi-visibility safety lines in fluorescent yellow and orange with even coatings that resist the tendency to fade and rub off.

New Powerline PRO represents the latest advancement in Kitesurfing line technology from Powerline Technologies. The latest generation of Powerline Pro utilizes a new thinner, stronger fiber to further improve on the time-proven superior features of our standard Powerline. Pro is now 30% thinner than standard Powerline for even lower drag, more resistant to stretch with stronger impact strength, a smoother “hand” makes it much more “kink” resistant, and it features a new surface treatment for a slipperier finish allowing more wraps without binding.

Powerline PRO

This is simply put, the markets most advanced and innovative spearfishing line on the market.  5 years of development resulted in a line that is the choice of Pro's and Manufacturers alike.

  • Our tightest outer braid designed for abrasion resistance and exceptional cut resistance

  • Linear Spectra core for increased strength

  • 600lb. Breaking strength

  • Polyurethane Coated for UV resistance 

  • Specifically designed to handle the elements of spearfishing in either fresh or salt water

  • Available in our signature HighVis Orange and Yellow


Our newest spearfishing line designed to give exceptional performance, feel and durability while being delivered at an economical price point.  Built to deliver many of the attributes of the PRO Reel Line and available in our signature HighVis Orange and Yellow.

- Ultra tight knit Spectra line to ensure that the elements 

- High abrasion resistance 

- Coated with Polyurethane coating for UV and Salt water resistance

- Pre-stretched and designed to have a "flattened" hand feel that improves grip over standard lines

Proudly available online

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